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Stage Makeup

It is important for our parents to remember that stage lights are bright and auditoriums are large, causing facial features to blend into each other. As facial expression is a major part of a dancer's performance and the most important part for the audience connection to be strong, we want our dancer’s features to be very vibrant. Having said that, we also want our younger dancers to remain age appropriate while keeping their features visible. For these reasons we have developed a 3-tiered stage makeup requirement:


1) Our youngest dancers require only pink lip stick, blush and a little bit of brown eye-shadow. (If you want to and are able to get them to sit still for the application, you are welcome to add mascara and foundation, but this is not required)


2) Our next level adds mascara, eyeliner, and foundation with a more developed application of eye-shadow. Some of these dancers will be asked to wear false eyelashes and a brighter shade of lipstick. Dancers with especially fair features may want to use brown powder or pencil to enhance eyebrows and hairline, again this would be optional. Dancers at this level may also benefit from a light application of loose powder. They work hard on stage and this will absorb sweat to keep their complexion from reflecting those bright lights.


3) Our oldest dancers wear a bit more. They will have brighter lipstick, contouring make-up in addition to foundation and a heavier application of powder and eye make-up. This tier is professional level stage make-up.


For boys - some powder, blush, and lip gloss is enough for the young ones. As male dancers get older, they can expect to wear stage make-up as which will include face contouring make-up, foundation, a natural shade of lipstick and eyeliner on top of the rest.


We recommend that dancers keep make-up remover in their performance bag so that they don't need to wear make-up out and about.


We appreciate the efforts of the families to prepare our dancers hair and make-up for stage. With your help, our choreography and the effort put in by all the dancers in class and at rehearsals has the extra polish, allowing it to sparkle shine on the stage.

Our Recommended Makeup 2024 is as Follows:

Blush – Cover Girl - #154 Deep Plum

Eye Shadow – Cover Girl - #105 Cafe au Lait

Lipstick (red) – Cover Girl Outlast - #507 Ever Red-dy

Lipstick (pink) – Cover Girl Outlast - #549 Always Rosie

False Eyelashes – Ardel - #107 0r Quo "Adorned" or similar

Eye Liner – Black & White

Mascara – Black

Contour Set – to match dancer

Foundation – to match dancer

Powder – to match dancer

Brow liner/filler – to match dancer

Concealer – to match dancer

Other things to have in your kit:

  • Make-up remover

  • Q-tips

  • Lip balm

  • Band-Aids

  • Double sided tape

  • Lotion

  • Nail polish remover

  • Cotton pads/balls

  • Spray bottle & water

  • Hair spray

  • Hair gel

  • Fine tooth comb

  • Extra hair pins

  • Extra hair elastics

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