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ReWear Sale

September 9th 11:00am-3:00pm
at VSB (5121 50 St)

This year we are hosting a rewear sale at the studio. This is a great opportunity to get your dancer's gear at a fraction of the cost, or to free up some space in your closet. A portion of all sales will be going toward the purchase of mirrors for the studio!


Do You Have Items to Sell?

This is a great way to clear out some closet space!

How does it work?

  • Items must be clean with no holes or stains on any garments or shoes.

  • VSB will be collecting the money and putting a credit to your account for the sale of the item(s), minus 25%.

  • Bring your items to the studio. 

  • Fill out your labels. We have labels at the studio, or you can print the pdf template (link below).

  • Attach label to the item using the supplies at the studio.

  • Watch your account for credits applied as your items sell.

Suggested pricing:

Children’s leotards $15-20

Ballet slippers $15-20

Jazz shoes $20-30

Tights $5

Youth leotards $20-40

Skirts $10-20

Costumes $30-40

Active wear $10-30

Kids grow so fast!

You can save time and money by purchasing gently used dance wear, shoes and costumes.

Want to Purchase?

How does it work?

  • Browse our collection at the studio, in the racks and in the labelled bins.

  • When you find something that fits and works for you, remove the tag and add it, with the cash, to a provided envelope.

  • If your item has no tag, write the information onto the outside of the envelope.

  • Deposit the envelope into the dropbox.


Please Note: Exact change is required for payment.

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