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Dance Festival

Lakeland College, Vermilion

Please Remember:

  • Times listed are for dancers to be in the Rehearsal Hall with costume, hair and make-up ready.

  • No valuables in the rehearsal hall or backstage.

Follow them:

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A Message from the Festival:

The countdown is on for StarStruck 2024, and we're buzzing with anticipation! We're thrilled to keep you in the loop for the upcoming weekend with some essential information to ensure you're prepared for the festivities, especially if you're a new studio joining us. Here's what you need to know:


1) Admission is $8.00/day and CASH only 


2) Parking is free & QR program free

3) We will have AWESOME merch for you and your students to purchase! Let's StarStruck it up!! (This is also cash only for purchases)

Digital Programs: 

We've gone digital again! Say goodbye to printed programs. Your full program will be emailed to you for you to print at your convenience and will be posted on our website for download. 


Again, we're providing a convenient QR code for your parents and families. You can either send these codes to your studio or they can scan them at multiple locations in and around the theatre. Don't worry, though - we'll still provide one printed program per studio owner upon arrival at StarStruck!

Important Rehearsal and Dressing Room Update

Due to ongoing renovations at the college, we'll be holding rehearsals in the cafeteria as usual. However, this year, all dressing rooms for studios will be located upstairs. We understand this might be an adjustment, but we're confident we can make it work together!

To ensure everyone's comfort and privacy, the upstairs dressing area will be designated as a female zone only. We kindly ask that no male dancers/parents and/or guardians enter this space. However, don't worry - we'll provide gender-neutral, male and quick-change dressing rooms backstage for everyone's convenience.

We understand that this change might pose some challenges, but let's make the best of it for this one year. We encourage you to communicate with your parents and dancers about bringing makeshift curtains, mini pop-up tents, privacy sheets, or any other items that can enhance privacy and comfort.

We trust that all studios and dancers will respect each other's space, keep belongings organized, and avoid any mischief with costumes or shoes. Let's ensure a smooth and respectful experience for everyone involved!



StarStruck is thrilled to announce our fabulous videographer, Rene Hout with Outlaw Productions! Get ready to capture all your amazing dances and memories in stunning detail.


To ensure you don't miss out on this incredible opportunity, we're offering a special pre-order deal. Click the link below to reserve your spot and secure this fantastic offer! We will also conveniently provide order forms at the main desk to fill out, we ask proof of payment to confirm orders.


StarStruck 2024- Digital Routine Form


We encourage you to share this link with your studio and spread the word to fellow dancers and parents. Let's make sure everyone has the chance to preserve their StarStruck moments for years to come!


$20/per dancer for one or all of their routines!! You can't beat this deal!!


Thanks everyone, see you all soon!!!!

Richelle & Twyla

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